Jaap Biemans

He is the guy behind the Coverjunkie, a daily shout-out to the best designed magazine covers in the world. It's a heads-up to that specific creativity that was not shown anywhere yet. Excactly that creativity is the reason paper mags rock and surviving the online hype. It's the creativity that's king and the perfect way to stand-out. Coverjunkie is "an addiction to magazine covers you wanna lick, a celebration of creativity and their ace designers." Next to this he's is art directing Volkskrant Magazine, the weekly magazine published with Dutch newspaper Volkskrant. Jaap Biemans studied graphic design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Breda and working at magazines was one of his goals from the beginning – the perfect stage where a designer really can perform. He redesigned several magazines like Hollands Diep, Intermediair, Volkskrant Magazine and won the Prix de C'Oeuvre for entire catalogue of cover designs in 2012 for Intermediair magazine as in 2014 for Volkskrant Magazine. His favorite though is last years D&AD award for all Volkskrant covers of 2013.  Next to the blogging and designing he published the Coverjunkie Magazine in 2012; holding his own magazine was a dream come through. 
Amsterdam, NL