Zines are nothing new. Anarchists, pamphleteers and evangelists have been self-publishing for a long time. But as distinct from political treatises printed by people with axes to grind, Zines can be about anything at all. They’re small circulation, self-published works featuring original or appropriated texts and images and in most cases use a photocopier to reproduce them. There are a lot of Zines out there and there are a lot of people making Zines in the west. They usually deal with niche topics and benefit aesthetically from being unpolished and unprofessionally designed. Their effect upon mainstream editorial design is perhaps analogous to that of a consciousness expanding by allowing self-expression without the restraints of usual publishing standards. In part their creativity comes through a lack of budget and their lo-fi, hands on pre-digital storytelling. 

Harry and Tom will then speak a little bit about the appetite for Zines from marginalized groups in Africa based upon based upon their experiences on Kick Starter and social media. Reaching 200% of their target on KS and selling hundreds of copies of Zines in the USA, UK and Europe Harry and Tom are convinced that a digital platform and a pan-African competition could could ignite a ‘Zine Scene’ to rival those in the US, Europe and Australia. As internet penetration rises in Kenya its increasing the digital divide. Zinester is a way of providing the skills needed to tell stories online without being dependent upon internet access to produce a tangible asset.   



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