Madeleine Morley of MagCulture once compared Benji Knewman to Wes Anderson and Richard Linklater (think Boyhood) and she couldn’t be more right. Benji Knewman has indeed carved a universe of his own just like his much more experienced, err, colleagues. And then again – haven’t we all? We live in a world of constant displacement. One is forced to leave his home, one was born in the wrong family and another is struggling to find courage to be who he is. Hailing from Riga, Latvia, Benji Knewman seeks to create a space where everyone can simply be, no matter their provenance and personal history. While it might seem that it’s always sun shining in the world of Benji, it’s only because it’s the preferred way of looking at life of the authors and the people featured in the bookazine. There are still life changing tragedies, broken hearts, casual loneliness and stolen freedom, but in the end all is fine. Agnese Kleina, editor and founder of Benji Knewman will talk about her personal feeling of displacement, where did Benji the editor-at-large came from and what this concept allows her and her team to do with the bookazine, both content and editorial-wise.