Behind the Redesign of The New York Times Magazine

The New York Times Magazine is a 120-year-old magazine with a storied history. Known for its world-class journalism and photography, the magazine has long been a showcase for longform writing and innovative visual storytelling. In 2014, responding to the changing publishing landscape and a new editorial mission, design director Gail Bichler and her team embarked on the most extensive multiplatform redesign in the history of the brand. Bichler will discuss the impetus for the redesign and talk about why The New York Times decided to reinvest in its print product while so many other publications were contracting or even going fully digital. She will present an overview of a process that included commissioning an entirely new suite of custom typefaces, as well as redesigning the magazine's digital offerings, and she will discuss the challenges of maintaining the spirit of the publication while changing virtually everything about it.